14 Fun Activities Similar to Paint & Sip

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I need a date night, you need a date night…we all need a date night. If there was one thing I wasn’t expecting before becoming a parent, it’s just how difficult it is to enjoy a night with the significant other. Even if you have a reliable babysitter, it’s tough to make the commitment—”do we really need to go out to dinner?”

That said, things get a bit easier when you have something above and beyond the typical. That is, if it’s dinner and/or a movie, while fun, it’s a challenge to give in to the additional cost of a sitter, leaving kids for the night, etc. But bigger events? Perhaps your favorite comedian or band will be in town, or there is a huge playoff game you’d love to attend. Even something like “paint and sip” makes committing a bit easier.

So, I’m here to help. Because there are only so many times you can go drink the grapes while confirming the fact that you’re so not an artist, here are 7 activities similar to “paint and sip” for you to try out (and hopefully enjoy).

1. Cooking Classes

Couples can learn to cook a new cuisine together, offering both a learning experience and the pleasure of enjoying a meal they’ve prepared.

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2. Pottery or Ceramics Workshops

Similar to paint and sip, pottery classes allow couples to get their hands dirty while creating something tangible they can take home.

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3. Wine or Beer Tasting Classes

For those who enjoy the “sip” part of paint and sip, wine or beer tasting classes offer a chance to learn more about different varieties and the subtleties of tasting.

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4. Dance Lessons

From salsa to swing, dance classes offer a fun way to get active, learn new moves, and enjoy close time together.

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5. Candle Making Workshops

These workshops offer a unique and cozy experience, teaching you how to create your own scented candles.

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6. Plant or Terrarium Building Workshops

Perfect for couples who love nature or gardening, these workshops offer a chance to create your own mini-garden to take home.

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7. Glass Blowing Classes

A more unique and intense experience where couples can learn the art of glassblowing and create their own glass pieces.

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8. Escape Rooms

While not a creative art class, escape rooms offer a fun and interactive challenge that requires teamwork and problem-solving, making for an exciting date.

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9. Cheese Making Classes

For the foodies, learning to make your own cheese can be a delightful and tasty experience.

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10. Mixology Classes

Similar to wine or beer tasting, but with a hands-on approach to learning how to craft cocktails.

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11. Creative Writing Workshops

For couples who enjoy storytelling or literature, a creative writing workshop can be a unique way to express and share creativity.

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12. Photography Walks

These guided walks can help you see your city through a new lens, teaching photography skills along the way.

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13. DIY Craft Nights

Some bars or community centers host craft nights where you can make anything from jewelry to home decor while enjoying a drink.

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14. Outdoor Movie Nights

Though not a class, attending an outdoor movie can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, especially if you bring along your own gourmet picnic.

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Thoughts? Suggestions? These activities offer a blend of creativity, learning, and fun that can make for memorable date nights beyond the traditional dinner or movie outing.

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