Collar Stays for Shirts With No Slots?

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I’m not heavily into fashion and don’t really care what I’m wearing as long as it’s decent these days…and that means basketball shorts and a t-shirt for the most part. That said, I need the right fit, and I must have a tight neck, not some droopy shirt head hole that’s falling to the side and exposing my collarbone at times, etc. Can’t have it.

The same kind of goes when I do have to dress up at least a little—the neck area needs to be firm and crisp. I guess that’s my thing, and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way, but it all lives in the neck.

Of course, on any dress shirt you’re going to have a collar, and a curly collar plus a top button that isn’t snug is an absolute no-go. I mean, I’d rather be underdressed and comfortable at that point.

All of this brings me to collar stays, and how my biggest fear was bound to come true whenever I had a shirt without collar stay slots. Like, what do you do? Perhaps I was a naive college student and then never caught on to the fact that there are still things I can do for a crisp collar, but either way, I want to make sure you do in fact know that there are collar stay options even without stay slots.

All that said, let’s start from square one to make sure we are all on the same page.

What are Collar Stays Used For?

Have you ever felt my fashion pain and been in a situation where your shirt collar simply won’t sit right? There are several reasons why this happens, but luckily there are just as many ways to fix this. First though, we often resort to heavily starching the collar, then ironing it vigorously.

But yes, and infomercial pun intended, there is a better way. Keeping your collar points flat and straight is an inglorious job but stays complete these tasks amazingly well. Without stays, your shirts are likely to develop curved collars which look awful, to be honest. And I’m not just saying you specifically…I’ve been there plenty of times.

Collar stays are a smart solution that helps men achieve crisp and sharp collars. They can be reused several times over, and you don’t have to endure walking around with a rock-hard collar soaked in starch (thus making them great and easy gifts for those who don’t know what they want for Christmas).

Importance of the Collar Stay

If it wasn’t yet spelled out above, really, the best collar stays are the unsung heroes that keep collars neat and flat. These small strips of material may be invisible to outsiders, but they are the secret to giving collars refined structure irons can’t compete with.

As mentioned above, collars play a vital role in your appearance, like framing the face. So when you walk around with a curled collar, you distract the eyes and force them to ignore every other aspect of your look you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

The solution is to insert collar stays. These simple materials work well with not only tuxedos but also polos and other collared shirts, and to the point of this post, whether or not it has a slot. With adhesive and magnetic stays, you can redefine your look with casual shirts without pockets to hold them.

Keeping a Stay in Place Without a Slot, Slit, or Pocket

So, you’re on board with the collar stay, but oops, your shirt doesn’t have a slot for it! Don’t fret, you have options.

Adhesive Anchors

One option is The Fashion Anchor, which is a small circular adhesive “dot” that is place under the collar and pins the collar down to the shirt beneath it.

Most of the time you’ll find yourself in a collared shirt without slots is when you’re wearing a polo, and this product specifically mentions polo shirt wearing as a use case.

For me, that’s great news because I feel like a polo shirt’s material is a lot more difficult to “pin” down than that of a long-sleeved button-up.

Magnetic Adhesive

Another option is something like the Stick-N-Stays Magnetic Collar Stays by Würkin Stiffs. As shown in the video on the listing below, these work similar to The Fashion Anchor, but appear to utilize a magnet in addition to the adhesive.

True to the name, first you stick one piece under the collar, and then you place the magnet on the inside of the shirt to keep it in place.

Secret Tape

This is the cheapest option of the three, but its also the one that doesn’t lead with the benefit of fixing your collar. In fact, it looks primarily for women’s clothing, and is pretty far down the list of use cases, including:

  • Secure revealing necklines
  • Hide bra straps
  • Close button gaps
  • Hold collars & lapels
  • Secure your dress
  • Keep accessories in place

So, depending on your need and how often, it might work in a pinch? Not sure, never tried! But, presenting it here as an option. Either way, you might want to search the Amazon reviews for more info.

So whether it’s on the golf course, in the office, on dates, or at the bar, collar stays do a fine job of helping you achieve the brightest look. But now, even without slots, a crisp collar that exudes confidence and charisma is in reach!

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