How to Respond to Trick-or-Treaters

August 21, 2022 Ryan

Yes, it feels like Halloween was just yesterday, and while you got the hard part out of the way with costumes, don’t forget that kids will soon be ringing your doorbell! So, in addition to […]


What is New Without Tags?

July 23, 2022 Ryan

New Without Tags Definition New without tags (NWT) is a description used to describe the condition of a product, usually clothing, as new but without the accompanying store and/or manufacturer tags. “Brand new” means the […]


How to Search Amazon Reviews

June 11, 2022 Ryan

I love Amazon, because like most people, the convenience for the breadth of products is simply hard to beat. Beyond that, popularity means more users, and more users means more circumstances, scenarios, and examples of […]

Social Media

How to Contact a Youtube Channel

June 9, 2022 Ryan

To contact a YouTube channel directly via YouTube, go to the channel page and then click the “about” tab. Scroll down to the “details” section and then click “view email address.” After you should see […]

Social Media

How to Add Hashtags to TikTok

May 30, 2022 Ryan

To add a hashtag to TikTok, go to the “Describe your video” text box and type the “#” symbol. Then, either type out your hashtag in mind or select from one of the provided options. […]

which squishmallow blog header

What Squishmallow Should I Get?

February 21, 2022 Ryan

The time has come to grab that soft adorable Squishmallow you’ve been hearing so much about lately, but while that was the easy decision, the more difficult choice comes now—which one should you get? Which […]

where to buy squishmallows blog header

Where are Squishmallows Sold?

February 20, 2022 Ryan

Have you seen baseball cards at your local retailer lately? The hobby has blown up which means that not only are cards confined to local specialty hobby shops, but they are at retailers across the […]


Definition of Respect for Kids

February 20, 2022 Ryan

We talk about respect a lot in the house. It just comes natural. Not because we are holier than thou and always treating each other with respect, but because it just seems to be a […]