What Squishmallow Should I Get?

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The time has come to grab that soft adorable Squishmallow you’ve been hearing so much about lately, but while that was the easy decision, the more difficult choice comes now—which one should you get?

Which Squishmallows Have Been Released?

Probably the first best step is to get familiar with the different types of Squishmallows that have been released! And as you probably already know, there are many! Not to mention all of the retailer exclusive editions, holiday releases, and more.

I mean, according to this article from last year, there were over 800 at the time! So, just think about how many have been added over the course of the last 12 months, and the question isn’t if there is in fact a good Squishmallow for you, but rather, which one is best.

Update: The Squishmallow website mentions “more than 1,000 Squishmallow characters to collect.”

What is Actually Available?

But before you get too attached, stop and put some thought into which Squishmallows are actually available. Meaning, while many have been released, demand is also high, which means certain types can be really difficult if not impossible to find, let alone expensive if one is actually available.

So, take some time to take a look at the different places Squishmallows are sold. But beyond that, you’ll need to take even more time to scout what’s available, adding your information to email lists for inventory notifications, and more.

What is Your Goal?

Let’s be honest—some are searching for Squishmallows for companionship, while others are looking to buy and flip them, or resell them down the road. So, what’s your goal? If looking to collect and sell, take a look at the rare and expensive releases. You also might just want to grab a popular release, so check out these 75 options.

Grab the Newest!

Perhaps your goal is to get the newest release to claim bragging rights! If so, you can keep tabs on the Squishmallow website. For instance, right now, the following new releases are featured:

  • Food Squad 8-inch 6-pack
  • 16-inch Mystery Pack
  • 12-inch Mystery Pack
  • Food Squad Carl (Burger)

Or Maybe the Most Comfortable?

Let’s not forget that a super soft plush and marshmallow-like texture is east to hug on and relax with—they’re called Squishmallows after all! So, think about which are easily snuggable, which might come down to the different sizes offered, whether that’s a small 8-incher or bigger 16-inch edition.

Get Familiar with the Storylines

Part of what makes collecting Squishmallows fun and immersive is going beyond the physical plush and into the story behind each character.

So, be sure to consult the Squishmallows Collector’s Guide, where you can easily search by animal or name, and then dive into each character’s bio, squishdate, rarity, and more!

Another fun site to check out is the Squishmallow Compendium, where you can find entires like the following:

Willow the Pegasus: Willow the Pegasus is a flying ball of energy! She’s ready to get up early for her favorite fitness class and spend the rest of her day helping her friends and finding adventures all over town. You can find her lending a helping hand to all her neighbors on the weekend.”

Tabitha the Purple Tabby Cat: Early mornings and asking ‘why’ fuel this tabby cat! Tabitha is a curious cat who loves to write and one day wants to be a journalist. She prefers behind the scenes to the spotlight, and is always thinking of her next story angle.

Take a Quiz

That’s right—perhaps it’s best to also check and see which Squishmallow you are or at least which of the group you identify with most. Here are some resources.

BuzzFeed: Which Squishmallow Are You?
ProProfs: Which Squishmallow Are You?

In the end, which Squishmallow you should get is entirely your decision based on your needs or the wants of your kids or gift recipient. Good luck!