Where are Squishmallows Sold?

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Have you seen baseball cards at your local retailer lately? The hobby has blown up which means that not only are cards confined to local specialty hobby shops, but they are at retailers across the nation. Some of those retailers like Walgreens, Meijer, and others even have exclusive cards put only in the packages they sell!

Or maybe thing back to the 90s and the valuable fad of Beanie Babies!

Anyway, I bring it up because while it might be obvious where you should be looking for Squishmallows, their popularity leads to a lot of out of stock dead ends.

So, it’s time to get creative, branch out, and think of different places and ways to obtain a Squishmallow that might not have otherwise crossed your mind. (And if you stop here if you still need to figure which Squishmallow you should get.)

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But first, let’s take a look at the list of retailers provided on the Squishmalllows website:

And before you go clicking away into each one, I’ve done that for you, and have marked which ones currently have Squishmallows in stock and which don’t. I’ve also noted which you can purchase from online, and if they are available online, which are currently in stock.

As of February 2022:

Aahs! The Ultimate Gift Store (CA only): It doesn’t look like you can purchase anything online

Albertsons: No Squishmallows currently found with an online search.

Amazon: Plenty available, as expected, and too many to list!

Boscov’s: An online search for “Squishmallow” returns a few items, but none of which appear to be Squshmallows.

Books A Million: Success! These are currently for sale online:

  • BAM! Exclusive Riff Dino
  • BAM! Exclusive Priya Purple Panda
  • BAM! Exclusive Fania Pink Frog
  • BAM! Exclusive Corinna Teal Cat
  • BAM! Exclusive Bex Tie Dye Fox
  • BAM! Exclusive Helca Hedgehog
  • BAM! Exclusive Salita Tie Dye Snail

These are currently out of stock:

  • BAM! Exclusive Carizma Blue Cat
  • BAM! Exclusive Archie Pink Axolotl

Claire’s: Like Amazon, there are a lot of results! Too many to list, but check it out.

Costco: Again, too many to list. I’m seeing about 25 currently available.

CVS: An online search will bring up products, but none of which appear to be Squishmallows.

Five Below: Many available online!

Fred Meyer: A few available online, but many appear to be the 5 in. versions:

  • Cow (5 in.)
  • Hugmee Cow (14 in.)
  • Chick with a Fur Belly (5 in.)
  • Rainbow Octopus (8 in.)
  • Koala Bear with Bunny Ears (5 in.)
  • Calico Cat (5 in.)
  • Goat with Straw and Bandana (5 in.)
  • Butterfly (5 in.)
  • Cow in Easter Egg (5 in.)
  • Frog (5 in.)
  • Tie Dyed Bunny with Fur Belly (5 in.)

GameStop: Many available!

Hallmark: Online search returns results but no Squishmallows.

Harris Teeter: I don’t see any with an online search.

Justice: I don’t see any with an online search.

Kroger: Many available online; inventory looks similar to Fred Meyer.

Learning Express: Many available if you click a location that offers online shopping.

Marshall’s: I don’t see any with an online search.

Meijer: I don’t see any with an online search

Party City: A few currently available, including, Pink Axolotl with Balloon (12 in. and 8 in.)

Roundys: So it looks like Roundys operates a few retailers including, and is actually a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kroger. So, clicking into the options of Pick ‘n Save, Copps, Metro Market, and others, there is inventory but is either the same or closely resembles that of Kroger mentioned above.

Santa Monica Pier: I do’t see an option to search or shop for products online.

Shop TBS: I don’t see an option to shop online.

Seaworld: It looks like thee are a few in stock and then for the couple that are out of stock, you can add your email to be notified when they become available again.

  • Sea Turtle
  • Shark
  • Penguin Candy Corn
  • Shark Vampire
  • Rockhopper Penguin (out of stock)
  • Orca

Sesame Street: It looks like there are a few available!

  • Telly
  • Snuffy
  • Big Bird
  • Oscar (sold out)
  • Elmo (sold out)
  • Super Grover (sold out)
  • Cookie Monster (sold out)
  • Abby Cadabby (sold out)

Smith’s: Many different Squishmallows available online.

Target: Many different Squishmallows available online.

TJ Maxx: Carl the Squishmallow appears to be the only one currently available and it is labeled as “almost gone.”

The Paper Store: These are available!

  • Exclusive Havin the Bee (12 in.)
  • Exclusive Bearded Dragon (12 in.)
  • Exclusive Calynda the Cow (12 in.)
  • Edward the Eagle (8 in.)

Toy City: Couldn’t get the site to load!

Walgreens: There are a number out of stock, but these are available:

  • Zebra
  • Zebra with Sparkle Ear
  • Giraffe with Sparkle Ear
  • Valentine’s Tie Dyed Octopus
  • Unicorn
  • Disney Piglet
  • Panda
  • Parrot
  • Mint Green Bunny

Walmart: Many are available online.